Kris Jay Trio

House Concert: Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Kris Jay Trio is pleased to announce we will be performing at a house concert in Tsawwassen, BC on Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 3pm.

Below is a video of the group of musicians who will be performing:

Kris Jay Bowerman, trombone, vocals; Stephen Robb, piano; John Walsh; bass.

Special Guest: vocalist/songwriter, Lark Bowerman.


Lark Bowerman

Contact: for ticket information.

Phone: 604-943-8568 or 604-299-8568

71 Diefenbaker Wynd, Tsawwassen, BC

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Note from the host of the concert:

This concert will cost $20 per person and I will supply sparkling water for you to enjoy. I am asking everyone to bring what they would like to drink and an appetizer to share. If you would prefer not to prepare an appetizer, I would like to offer the option of contributing $5.00. I will use this money to order a platter of snacks for us to enjoy. If you choose to do this, could you please let me now when you reply, so that I will know who much money I will have to spend.