Kris Jay Duo — Special Performance

The Kris Jay Duo, with Stephen Robb on grand piano and Kris Jay Bowerman on trombone. This is an 8-song concert videoed for these challenging times where live performances are few and far between. Stephen and I recorded it at the Delta Community Music School in Ladner, BC, so perhaps you will notice the black plastic on the piano. It was there for the start up of music lessons for the new school year — COVID-19 precautions.

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Kris Jay

                                                       Song order

                                                      1. Snap Your Fingers (Bowerman) 0:00—3:33
                                                      2. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael) 3:33—11:26

                                                      3. Meditation (Jobim) 11:26—18:10
                                                      4. The Boy Next Door (Martin/Blane) 18:10—22:03
                                                      5. Memories of Tomorrow (Jarrett) 22:03—26:56
                                                      6. Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon/Henderson) 26:56—30:58
                                                      7. Come Dance With Me (Bowerman) 30:58—35:36

                                                      8. Hardbop Grandpop (Silver) 35:36—39:31

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