The Kris Jay Trio was formed by Kris Jay Bowerman in 2014 to serve the Greater Vancouver Area with quality jazz performances for various events needing background music — receptions, cocktail parties, corporate and civic events, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and any kind of celebration.

The instrumentation of the trio consists of trombone, piano/keyboard or jazz guitar, and acoustic bass.

In 2019 a drummer was added for when the group performs on stage with a listening audience, such as concerts and festivals. In this format the band is called the Kris Jay Trio + 1. In 2020 the Kris Jay Duo was born, with Kris and pianist Stephen Robb recording a special COVID-19 pre-taped concert. They also recently recorded a concert for the Knox Virtual Series (to be released April 27, 2021).

Kris employs local professional level musicians who have years of experience to deliver a high quality musical experience for all occasions.


Background music for a successful event!

Greater Vancouver Area